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J7's Johnny Non-Stop


J7's Goodnight Girl x Arnold von Baden

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Service and accompanying dog exam
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25 km Endurance test
Negative report Berlin-Brandenburg

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HD/ED free (clear), europium & entropion free

Diego comes out of a breeding cooperation between the german AVD kennel 'de la Arena' and the well admitted breeder J7 (John Y.) in UK. So his bloodlines originated half to a pure Canarian Island  (Tenerife) line to the kennel "Irema Curto" and half to the reliable german working / performance lines of the Alano Verein Deutschland.

His Mother Kelly is out of the rare stock of "Kaso de Irema Curto", "Kena de Irema Curto" and "Nestor de Irema Curto" which manifested hardly the black colour within the Presa Canario. Johnnies breeder John Y. counts to the scant breeders who searched the Canary Islands, before the AVD did, for able-bodied and performance Dogo Canarios.

He imported a row of interessting dogs into the United Kingdom. Originally John came from the "Olde Bandogges". But when he saw the first Presa Canarios he amazed recognized that there existed already a race long time which nearly fitted his ideal of a perfect molosser. Since then John focused fully on the canarian grabber and ceased his succesful bandogg breed.
(Source: AVD e.V.)

Diego´s parents and grandparents standed the prection work test (without any schematic training in front of it) done by kennel 'de la Arena'. It even exist videomaterial of Johnnies great great grandfather 'Thomas de IC' showing protection work on a hard sleeve, how he´s send for the decoy on a long walk. Diegos bloodline includes the very well known male "Nestor de Irema Curto"  - of which even videomaterial exist. Johnny Non-Stop!'s grandfather maternally side - "M'Loco de IC" is for example the best (in foreign countries standing) male which was tested so far.
(Source: AVD e.V.)

Till J7 chose the infamous studmale "Arnold von Baden" , he breed only with descendants out of the kennel 'Irema Curto' (Manuel Curto Garcia - Teneriffa).

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El Atrevido Arnold von Baden

So what can be told about Arnold ?

Actually to his performance - and so on his and his descendatents awarenesses -specially of Raja de la Arena , Ramera de la Arena and of cause of our Mila (Talisa de la Arena) nothing more can´t be added which was not written before.

But back to the 'tiny':

Diego has a strong character. Compared to his still young age he tries to find out how far he can go. He´s absolutly social to his family, specially to our baby child to whom he nears very carefully.
He searches always the direct contact and wants to be hugged and is often looking attention from his owner. So beside that he can be found also on the couch 'chilling with daddy '.
If you´re open and friendly to him,  he will be as well. But on his territory he pays a lot of attention to foreigners. Specially when it´s getting dark he guards our property. Within crowds he´s absolutly unproblematic on the leash.

For us he has a fantastic solid character -  just got to love him. 

Johnny is - as his littername already tells - unstoppable. Once let out, he often doesn´t find an end in many things he does. We always thought out Mila is an athletic dog and has a good condition as she likes to run, but Diego is really sportive.

Specially the long walks or runs within cornfields are his favourites, specially when he is slightly allowed to follow his hunting instincts.

What nearly every person hardly recognized about Johnny is his  tremendous appearance. With ca. 55 kg´s and height on shoulder over 70cm he is due to his massive head and an extremly distinctive musculature he is a real eye catcher.

Even Diego is not trained constantly by doing long walks / runs his body is naturally in shape.

His massive backhand, neck and shoulder muscles are a thick more excellent then of his nefew 'J7 Moro' and can only be compared to his brother J7 Samson.

We (and he) can only guess his enormous strength when he easily pulls down his owner while playing.

When the decoy works him seriuos enough Diego shows constant, powerful protection work coming mostly over his defensive. Actually he has a good prey drive, but could be more serious coming over the prey work.
If the decoy works with real aggression and pressure Diego shifts into the next gear and is getting serious. Then he nearly shows his full strength and is getting hard to keep the lead. Diego sets full hard bites.


Pedigree Diego J7's Johnny Non-Stop

Video – Father Arnold von Baden

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