Characteristics Erna

Jasa de la Arena


Yucara de la Arena x Zorro de la Arena

Date of birth:



Formnote 3
Negative report Berlin-Brandenburg

Healthy analysis:

HD/ED free (clear), europium & entropion free

Erna is a dominant and sensitive bitch. She is a real bundle of energy. Rest periods she knows, but shows them mostly only after (long) stress phases or when she sleeps.

Towards people, she's clearly on the right. 'Erni' specifically desire, almost inevitable, human affection for herself. Towards to conspecifics, she is mostly open-minded and playful within her territory. Erna is always alert for things that happen near her and indicates them well.

Erna has a strong preydrive. She passed the character test (ZWP), specially the part of protection work very well. Erna was litteally not trained in protection work that much often as we used to train our dogs. Compared to her age she was just trainined less ten 10 times till now. So she passes the zwps nearly raw at all. Therefore it was more then satisfying how she passed this character test.

El Atrevido Erna jasa de la arena

She slightly could have a bit more weight. But her athletic and resilient body with a nice defined muscles makes a very agile dog. The fer colour make her look a little less smaller as she really is, specially when we compare her standing next to our male Diego. It's easy to see out of which bloodline she came out. 

She comes out from the AVD e.V. kennel 'de la Arena'. Her father Zorro de la Arena is probably one of the currently most famous males of the AVD e.V. Several good dogs have already emerged from the mating with Zorro.

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Pedigree Erna Jasa de la Arena

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