Characteristics Mila

Talisa de la Arena


'Elly' Doxy Tajemnica Mistrza x Arnold von Baden

Date of birth:



Formnote 3
25 km Endurance test

Negative report Berlin-Brandenburg

Healthy analysis:

HD/ED free (clear), europium & entropion free

Even Talisa is physically not part of the kennel anymore, we intruduce her, as everything began with her und her offspring A'Viva already brought good pups as well.

Mila is a prevailing nosy and attentive dog. She is almost good-natured and keeps almost her balance. Oppsoite her family, children and other dogs / pets she is almost kind as she can be. Hectic or fear in situations in her normal environment are absolutly unknown to her.

Contrary her immovable nature Milas drive is very constant in every pursuits she needs to get proffered, wether this is protection work, obedience, normal sports like running, cycling etc.. Long dynamic periods are absolutly no problem for her.

Talias type is slightly a bit too small and to light for the typical type. But with her weight of 37-38 kg´s and height of ~ 64 cm she has an absolutly athletic, and resilient body which allows to do acitivities in long terms.

Even with her relativ unspectacular (but constant) way she proved her impressive performance many times in the AVD night events.
Continiously - but not to much - tested in protection work Mila demands her potential routined. Specially this was reflected when she passed the AVD e.V. breeding test 1 and 2 within 6 month, just very unconstantly worked.

Talisa de la Arena was breed in the AVD e.V. kennel 'de la Arena'. Her father Arnold von Baden is surely a  well known high drive males in and outside the AVD e.V.. Her mother Elly (Import de la Arena) left her unshakable character to Talisa.

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The combination of her parents was already proofed in the breed of Milas half sisters Raja de Arena,  Ramera or Requisa de la Arena, which all came up with more promissing puppies of their litters.

Video – Father Arnold von Baden

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